Approach to Patient Care

I believe in meeting my patient’s individual needs through comprehensive evaluation and treatment designed to help patients maintain an active lifestyle. Most spine problems can be treated with non-surgical techniques. Surgery is an option after exhausting all non-operative approaches. The Taylor Spine Team works with talented nonsurgical providers to fully optimize patient’s potential for recovery without surgery. We offer the most recent spinal technologies as well as more traditional spinal treatment technologies to provide our patients with numerous options of orthopedic spine care intervention.

I feel that the patient/doctor relationship is a partnership. My job is to provide you (the patient) with information to help you make an educated decision that best suits your needs. It is critical to develop a dialogue through which patients can understand the process of spinal care and the various options for treatment. A knowledgeable patient will make the best decision about his or her health. For this reason, I explain every step of the treatment process. As well, I ask that my patients participate in the decision-making process. I will present to you a realistic outlook on the results that you may achieve with surgery options.  I am honest and straightforward about the risks that might be involved with surgical treatment. Our purpose is to help you through your spinal treatment. It is important that the patient/doctor relationship be open and honest. I am committed to helping you become informed about your spinal condition and the multiple treatment choices available to you. Our team will also provide you with patient education materials including access to our website, pamphlets and videos to give you added appreciation of your condition and the treatment options.