Brace Protocol

Dr. Taylor’s Standard Brace Protocol

You will be given a brace(s) after surgery. Please follow the instructions according to the type of brace you have received.

Cervical (Neck) Braces

You will be receiving the following braces:

Miami J collar   Philly collar   Soft collar   Marlin collar

  1. You will wear the soft collar to sleep in and to wear inside of your home.
  2. You will wear the Miami J/Marlin collar when out of your home.
  3. You will wear the Philly collar when you are in the shower.
  4. You MAY NOT drive while wearing a cervical collar.
  5. You MAY NOT DRIVE while taking narcotics.

Lumbar (Back) Braces

You will receive the following brace(s), which you WILL NOT begin wearing until instructed to by Dr. Taylor or his staff:

Lumbar corset   LSO brace   TLSO brace   Shower brace

  1. DO NOT sit or sleep in any of these braces.
  2. You will NOT wear your brace while you are in your home.
  3. You will wear your brace when you are out of your home.
  4. You will wear your shower brace when taking a shower.
  5. You MAY NOT drive while wearing a brace.
  6. You MAY NOT drive while taking narcotics.
  7. You should STOP wearing lumbar corset once physical therapy has been discontinued.
  8. You should wear your brace for no longer than ______ weeks in conjunction with your physical therapy script.