Drain Instructions

Dr. Taylor may send you home with a JP/HMV/ Hemovac drain. The Jackson Pratt (JP) Wound Suction device is a tube connected to a small plastic bulb container. The HMV Wound Suction device is a tube connected to a canister. We use this device to drain the accumulated fluid from your incision area. The tube is inserted into a small incision, near the main surgical wound. When the bulb or canister is squeezed together, it creates suction. The suction drains extra fluids from the wound.

Emptying The Drainage Container

Empty the drainage container and measure the amount of fluid once a day, unless the drainage fills the container more often. Never let the drainage fill more than ½ of the bulb or canister as this diminishes the efficiency of the suction. Never attempt to dislodge a clot in the tubing with a Q-tip, suction or other device as this contaminates the system. Record the amount of drainage and the time the container was emptied. Jennifer or Lori will call for these measurements daily to determine when the drain can be removed.

To Empty, Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Wear gloves provided to you and discard after each use.
  3. Unplug the drainage plug from your pour spout. Be careful not to touch the tips of the pour spout and the drainage plug with your hands or against the measuring container. Dr. Taylor’s office will provide a measuring container prior to your discharge from the hospital.
  4. To empty, squeeze the bulb while pouring fluid into container if you have JP drain/ or turn the HMV container to its side and empty completely. Record the amount of drainage and the time drain was emptied.
  5. To create a vacuum, squeeze the bulb until the sides touch or squeeze the HMV until it is flat. Insert the drainage plug in the pour spout and release the bulb or canister.
  6. Do not allow the bulb or canister to hang freely- secure to the inside of your clothing, near to the place where the tube goes into your body.
  7. Empty drainage into the toilet and flush. Do not save the drainage.
  8. Wash your hands with soap and water. If you have a second drain, repeat the process.

For any questions, please call:
Lori Burke, R.N. 314-249-4578 – cell phone number
Jennifer Fortenberry, PA-C 314-368–0409 cell phone number